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It's Not All About Cats, but...

That's not even a picture of a cat. That's our resident chipmunk, Winnie Chipparoo. Even so, The Quirky Pen won't only be about my little four-legged darlings, cats, or otherwise. Really, it won't. I promise.

I am a writer. Now, I start a new chapter. This blog is where I write what I want to for a change. No pay, but more satisfying. There's no limit to topics covered. I may even break a few writing rules - gasp! 

On the "just the facts" front, my husband and I live in a small, rural community in Northwestern, PA. We currently have four cats, all of them rescues but I wouldn't count on that number staying the same for long.

And, worry not! We love dogs, too. We lost our two senior dogs in recent years and just haven't gotten another yet. 

So, enough about me - let's talk about you! What do you think of me? Just kidding.

For the record - I do still write and design small business or personal websites for pay if a project interests me. Give me a holler if you need writing services. I'll think about it. 

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