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Oh, 2020!

And, we're only halfway through!

2020 - A Year to Remember

I had such plans for 2020. When I semi-retired in January, I thought, "Now's the time to work on projects I want to work on." No more writing about hair extensions or car part product descriptions. How many different ways can you describe car seat covers anyway?

My plan was to get back to writing what I love writing - humorous pieces about everyday life. And, occasionally write about current events. OK, and politics from time to time. Whatever wonderful, weird or meaningful idea that came into my head - I could finally write what I wanted when I wanted. I built the Quirky Pen blog site and was ready to go.

But, 2020 had its own ideas. Talk of a frightening virus began sweeping the world. Death rates climbed. I happen to be in a high-risk group. So is Brad, my husband. I know how deadly a pandemic like this can be. One of my grandfathers lost his first wife to the 1918 flu epidemic. My husband's job was considered essential, so off he went to work every day. I was terrified he'd be exposed.

In May, George Floyd was murdered in front of our eyes. He cried out for his mother. He gasped over and over saying he couldn't breathe. He died a horrible death at the knee of a cop. It took 8 minutes and 46 seconds for him to die. We saw it. We heard it. We can't fix it. We can't ignore it. I couldn't write humorous articles about everyday life after that. It all seemed so unreal. And, so overwhelming.

Which brings me to July. The urge to create is back. Part of it is thanks to the work I'm doing on a new blog site with a longtime friend. is about Nancy Jean's great-great-grandmother, Nancy Kendall, and her work in the Underground Railroad. It's a rewarding project that I am thrilled to be part of. It's exactly the type of project I began the year dreaming about.

And, the writing bug has stirred within me again. So, wherever 2020 goes from here, I hope to get my creative stride back. The worst times often become catalysts for the greatest inspirations. And, I hope this time, these times become a catalyst for change.


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