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They Made a Difference

People come into our lives, and often, without knowing it, change us. Then, we move on, live our lives and lose touch. I've thought a lot lately about the people who were important to me, and friends I've lost track of. So, what do I do? Try to see what they're up to now, of course.

Sometimes, I find people from my past, reconnect, and it's almost like we were never apart. Other times, what I discover hits like a brick. Some died.

I wish I'd found them sooner. I wish I had let them know how much they meant to me. It's too late, now. But, what I can do now is thank them.

Mrs. Hoyt - my third grade teacher at Flossie Wiley School. I knew Mrs. Hoyt would not be alive so many years later, but she gets a tribute anyway. What she did for a shy little girl will never be forgotten. The way she cared for me when I came to school with wet, frozen feet, the way she included me in Halloween celebrations when I wore a makeshift Little Red Riding Hood costume using a red sweater tied over my head, the way she helped me through my shyness - I will always treasure her simple kindnesses.

A tribute also to Mrs. Thornberry, a regular substitute teacher at Wiley School. She was gracious and sweet. I had other wonderful teachers, but these two have special places in my heart. Thank you both for caring.

Dr. Alicia Duran - psychologist and counselor. When we lived in Salt Lake City, I was going through a particularly rough patch. Big decisions had to be made, and I felt incapable of making them. I went through the University of Utah Counseling Center to find someone to talk to. That someone was Alicia Duran.

One comparatively little thing we talked about sticks out in my mind. I'd always been sensitive about my prominent nose. I joked with her one day that I read that a person's nose keeps growing throughout their lives, and how I was not looking forward to a nose that kept growing. We laughed, and she said, "That's OK, we'll have other beauties when we're old." I remember looking at her beautiful face, with a nose I'd give anything to have, and giggling a bit inside.

She never got to be old. I found her obituary. She died of breast cancer at 59 years old. Alicia Duran, you made a difference in my life. I thank you.

Dr. Kim Bodily - veterinarian extraordinaire. One thing I do miss about living in the "big" city, is readily available services. Like a veterinarian coming to your house. When you have as many pets as I always have, you can spend half your life on the road trying to keep them healthy. A vet coming to the house - now that was wonderful!

When we lived in Salt Lake, Dr. Bodily, founder of Pet House Calls, was our guy. He drove a van where he could do a surprising number of diagnostics. If he had to, he'd pick your pet up and take him or her to his surgery. That worked out wonderfully for spays and neuters. If the dogs and cats just needed an exam and vaccines, he did them at your house. It was much easier on the pets, and me as well.

Dr. Bodily was a compassionate and caring veterinarian. He died of cancer in 2019. Thank you, Dr. Bodily for the care you gave my pets and your kindnesses to me.


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